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We want to find dope clothes for dope people. Our mission is to offer people a more chic and convenient vintage and thrift shopping experience by consistently curating classic and fashionable pieces that can be worn for years to come. 

Jo & Ivy stands for the liberation of Black Americans and all black and brown people in the diaspora from white supremacy. Jo & Ivy believes that black lives matter and that the eradication of police brutality, bias and bigotry is paramount to the success of not only the black community but our society as a whole. The will to fight social injustice is tightly woven into the fabric of the values that we carry into our business. We believe that equality can only be achieved through a clear and unwavering condemnation of racists and any ideology they attempt to infiltrate into our democracy. We will commit to uplifting the voice of love and acceptance through the organizations we support, companies we partner with and programs we participate in. We are welcoming to all those that share these beliefs and want to work with us to continue to move America and the global community towards acceptance of everyone regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. 


Our Stance

Jo & Ivy

Started by personal stylist, Anique Oliver Brewer, Jo & Ivy was created in an effort to bring fashion and style to her customers who appreciate the timelessness of a fashionable clothing item. 

As a young child Anique fondly remembers shopping and discussing fashion as a bonding experience with her mother, a former magazine editor for both Glamour and Essence, along with her maternal and paternal grandmothers (from whom the shop gets its namesake) Josephine and Ivy. All three served as fashion authorities in Anique's life influencing her with each of their unique point of views. 

Jo & Ivy aims to offer a fresh and flirty take on vintage and thrifted styles that are curated with care and without the clutter of traditional vintage and thrift spaces. 

We're excited to have you shop with us and look forward to helping you find pieces that are forever fashionable. 



I love you like 90's R&B!

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